Being Frank…

Accepting my failings

Pigeon or statue


Some days just tire you out, but you can’t switch your head off, you can’t keep the day out. Some days knitting doesn’t do it for you, the gentle repetitiveness of following a pattern can’t keep the days thoughts away from your head…you can’t switch off.

Too restless to knit you try reading but no one’s saying anything, you are already up to date with all the on line suspects and you’ve read every book in the house

Alcohol beckons. But you know you can’t because you’ve got to repeat the day again tomorrow.

Some days you are just the statute – deal with it and move on – things will get better… and whatever you don’t touch your knitting, you’ll just get it wrong and that’ll make everything worse as its just another mess to sort out


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

4 thoughts on “Pigeon or statue

  1. Somedays you’re the statute? Spot the lawyers! 🙂 Much sympathy though, I spent yesterday evening looking for the off switch for my brain after what sound like a very similar sort of day

  2. Thank you to both you lovely ladies for kind comments. Things are slightly better today, or at least they will be once I have put the letter in the post – it is a work related problem. My next door neighbour problem remains to be tackled !

    will leave the typo in !

  3. Know the feeling, having a bit of a statue day here too.

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