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FO: Pterry…from a little egg

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Thisis Pterry the Pteradon – not the most flattering of photographs, but the battery went flat shortly after the picture and since then he has been flattened and now looks slightly less podgy as a result of sleeping in a 5yo bed for a week.

This is pester power in action “make me this mummy” – so I did. When it was finished Spider was not interested, it’s been a week and  I haven’t seen him play with it, but I know he cuddles it at night as I’ve seen him cuddle it – the  power of fleece !

Details can be found on Alan Dart’s website – pattern is easy but making it in Snowflake is very tedious (and it wasn’t for the fact Spider likes “fleecy” I’d have used a standard DK) and our Pteradon is much paler than the original (as they don’t do the original colours now)

I shall probably be much less receptive to requests to knit from now on…although the latest requests (Spider caught me surfing the net) do look quite cute…I don’t really like making toys, but my boy knows how to press the right buttons when it comes to persuading “older ladies” (I am “not quite 40 next month”)  to do things for him…

Oh, only real change to the pattern is I did blue eyes…because apparently “pink is for girls” !


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One thought on “FO: Pterry…from a little egg

  1. Awww that is so cute!

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