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The other day I finished something I started 364 days before – it took so long because I lost interest, k2 p2 rib is not my favourite combination, and that is probably why I find myself this weekend unable to knit. All that I have outstanding at the moment is Julia’s water aid jumper, which I know I must do, but its k2,p2 and I think its going to turnout as an “UGH”… the other thing is a black jumper for me. Yes a black jumper exactly at the time when I am beginning to doubt whether, after almost 21 years of wearing nothing but black, it actually suits me !

So I’ve been spending time sorting the various bits of yarn under the bed, but I’m just not feeling inspired…the in tray has a few small sewing projects to finish off and my brother’s christmas present which stares accusingly up at me everytime I pass it…but none of them, despite the guilt is calling to me…

Talking about guilt, I have all that material which I keep buying…

So a knitting break I think and a challenge to myself…I am going to use up at least one of those 7 lengths of material (currently gathering dust) in “something” before my birthday…except now the weather has improved and we have cleared the back garden, I have a yearning to be outside in the evening instead of inside swearing at the sewing machine.

Yes I know, the only way I’m going to improve is to actually do something…imagine that this post is me standing on the edge of the swimming pool gingerly sticking my toe in the water – maybe next time I visit my own blog I will have submerged myself – preferably by a swallow dive and not a belly flop !

ps oh, and will start my brother’s christmas present again – I haven’t finished it because it really is quite bad and I think I can do better


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