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Drafted last night but battery died before posting

Work was particularly stressful today. I came home and collapsed on the sofa until Husband revived me with the assistance of a Spanish omlette (and no wine, I’m being good !). Finally as the clock crept past 10pm I dragged my backside upstairs and finally finally drafted a pattern.

I’d lost my nerve after the nasty incident of the skirt that looked like a sack of potatoes.

Anyway, after about 15 minutes tops – and most of that was spent with sticky tape making the paper longer – I’d completed the first 10 steps of a circular skirt pattern (can’t remember where I downloaded it from but it says “Sew It Up, published by Kyle Cathie Ltd”)…didn’t have the energy to make a second, so I shall use the same bit of paper for the front and the back.

Too tired though to re-iron the fabric or to try and work out the best use of the material – I had for once been organised and pre-washed my fabric – it shrank considerably though both in length and width so will have to rethink my planned layout – I staggered to bed…

Edited to add: Another tough day today…but one should face one’s fear in tiny steps, so it’s probably a good thing !


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