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Too much for another night ?


So I couldn’t leave it alone could I ? Having had a good evening yesterday, instead of going to bed after posting yesterdays post (yes at 8.30pm, I am that tired) I couldn’t rest…and I was feeling smug with myself for yesterdays pattern drafting, so of course I got the material out, I got the iron out and I got the scissors…

Now the material is cheap, and very red and there is a lot of it. A lot for someone who usually buys no more than 2 metres. I have  5 metres of red IKEA cotton and I couldn’t handle it, it was worse than trying to put a kingsize duvet in its cover…so I decided to cut it down to the size needed to do the front (cut on the fold).

So my skirt is 70cm long plus hem allowance – so I cut 150cm, put the rest away, folded the cut material in half and ironed it. Then I took my pattern up and my pins…and it was then I realised that I’d forgotten to take into account the circle cut out at the waist, so of course when it lined up against the fabric I was almost 10cm short…

You’d think I’d have learned by now not to do things when I’m tired ?

So I loped 10cm off the bottom of the pattern – I’d have been more upset if I’d done this with a bought pattern and just cut the skirt out 10 cm shorter than it would have been. On the plus side I now managed to get both the front and the 2 back pieces out of 1 piece of material (it was 137cm wide – originally 140cm).

I know the chances are that I’m not going to wear the skirt if it’s that short, cos I hate skirt that are above my knees. But I had been wondering how I could make it slightly more exciting than a plain red skirt (I draw the line at applique-ing a poodle on it,  circle skirts also being known as poodle skirts in the ’50s) so I guess I have to attach a bottom layer now in something else…or a very big frill…or a pom pom fringe !


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2 thoughts on “Too much for another night ?

  1. I’m thinking if you really won’t wear it at the length you’ve cut then you need to think about a contrasting colour for the bottom panel. That or cut your losses and turn it into a superpower cape!

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