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It took me a week before I could pick up my needles again. It’s been a very stressful week at work, which I can’t talk about here as a lot of it will continue for some months to come but I think the worst may be over. I’ve tried to do some sewing but since that doesn’t come naturally to me it needs more thought than I’m capable of after work.

The problem I think is that I have plans to knit certain things but none of them interest me so I can’t face starting anything, I don’t like anything I’ve got left to knit (Julia and the black jumper which I fear won’t suit me) so I tried a different method and went for spontaneity rather than organised.

I browsed through the stash under the bed until I got an idea for something and then searched for a pattern that fitted the idea. As a result I have started on christmas knitting already and it is making me feel much more relaxed…or of course that might be down to the friday night wine !

(it’s purple and its fluffy and it’s for one of Spider’s many many girlfriends…)


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