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The tyranny of the school uniform


Most sunday evenings just before bedtime (my bedtime) or early on a Wednesday morning you can find me kneeling on the floor in front of a bath towel, iron in hand as I quickly run an iron over whatever bits of school uniform I can find in the “ironing basket” (aka “things to be ironed at some point” basket).

Now I don’t iron, not as a rule. I’ve taken time over the years to acquire clothes that can be worn without ironing. I even managed to select a husband who early on said “don’t bother ironing my clothes, most of them don’t need doing and if they do I’ll do it”. You could date my aversion to ironing possibly to weekly ironing when a teenager of about 30 handkerchiefs but more likely its due to the ironing I did for an ex boyfriend at the start of this century, (he even insisted on his non iron shirts having the once over !), you see whilst I was at home ironing his shirts he was allegedly working late…except his definition of working late involved meeting one of his female work colleagues in various London bars.

So if I don’t iron why am I ironing school uniform ? Surely most school uniform today is casual enough not to be ironed ? Can’t you get away with a slightly creased and crumpled look ? Yes, I could if it wasn’t for the guilt. You see I am a bit of an absent Mum most of the time due to the job being in Reading and me spending so much time travelling. Husband and my Parents take on a lot of the parental responsibilities so I try to do my bit by making sure Spider has a packed lunch everyday and looks vaguely presentable (and pressed).

The problem however, as all Mum’s of small boys know is the rate that they get through their uniform – the sweatshirt is often covered with unidentified stain and splodges of paint or mud, and the trousers ? Well they probably could do more than 1 day if it wasn’t for the fact that most small boys have yet to master the importance of the “shake” – and the thought of my boy going to school smelling vaguely of wee is not one I wish to contemplate.

So that’s why late at night you will find me worshiping at the altar of “Tefal, Ultra glide” praying to the gods of steam heat…except I won’t, not today not tonight, because half way through last week I was visited by the ironing fairies and since they brought their friends the housework elves with them I have a day off today, I even have a day off from being Mummy as all the boys (stepchildren are staying over this weekend) are off to Silverstone today…

So what to do ? Is this the day I finally finish my brother’s christmas present ? I am spoilt for choice… maybe I should make a present for the ironing fairies as per the “Elves and Shoemaker” story…but then they might not come again and I really really feel loved after they’ve been (Thanks Mum !)


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Cake Baker

2 thoughts on “The tyranny of the school uniform

  1. Lordy, I don’t iron either. I refuse to. Is this what lies ahead for me as a mother of a small boy? Do you have the number for those ironing fairies??

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