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On my “craft table” next to the sewing machine I have an in-tray where abandoned projects come to die.

There are several ways that something can end up in here the easiest way is to be broken, to have something that has to be done which I haven’t got around to doing yet, like say mending, sewing a button on, alternatively I may have run out of essential supplies and am waiting for the bits to finish things off (I have a bad habit of starting things before I have all the materials to hand) and the final way is for something to have gone badly and horribly wrong – this last category is mainly comprised of projects involving craft techniques that I have no previous knowledge of, experience and as quickly becomes apparent, no talent for !

Yesterday on my day off I decided to clear the in-tray. This decision admittedly was mainly prompted by a friend of mine answering the phone with the words “Hello, so you are still alive !” I haven’t seen KTCupcake since Christmas, mainly because her present has been in the in-tray waiting to be finished.

First up, a spot of mending. This lovely bag was a present for Spider from his Auntie Islay. It split down the seams and simply required to be seamed on the sewing machine…I now need to find a complete one so I can work out how the handle works…

Then a needlecase from Sew: Cath Kidson for “Long Lost Cousin Cath” in Australia, made to accompany the pin cushion I’d made to remind her of a trip we made together  (the hedgehog is relevant to Ross on Wye where Husband’s ancestors used to live) – Cath teaches Domestic Science for a living…I lacked confidence to finish things off

Then I went through all the bits of knitting that needed their ends weaving in, some of that is blocking now…am wondering if I should save this “last minute” christmas present for Mum until next christmas…

Last year I tried wire knitting and made a pair of red hearts, they have been sitting in the in-tray for about 9 months waiting to be turned into earrings. Yesterday they fulfilled their destiny and I discovered that jewellery making is not for me…I am far too clumsy to do things with beads to relax !

These are destined for KT Cupcake as a birthday present together with this, but my slightly less industrial version (also made yesterday)

It is my godaughter Cookie’s birthday at the end of the week, so she and her brothers (and parents) will finally get their christmas and birthday presents then – Cookie’s new bag just needs sewing up and filling with 8 year old goodies.  KTcupcakes christmas present was almost finished but I’ve forgotten how to do stab stitch binding (it’s a voucher for a home cooked take away – made in small book form)

I’ve also finished off the back of the Water Aid Jumper…

Confession Time – the in-tray at the start of this post is actually the “after” photograph. The one thing that didn’t get finished is that cross stitch bookmark you can see. I’ve decided that its beyond saving, I really can do better than that (it looks really bad up close)…so I’m setting a deadline, my brother will get his present by the end of may – honest !

Now, I think I need a rest – unfortunately I think from the look of the weather this morning it may be a day for staying in and doing “make and do”…and I’ve got nothing to do now !


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