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Husband has left me…only temporarily, he’ll be back on monday, but there are just some things a girl can’t compete with and he’s headed to Belgium for some Father and son bonding with eldest stepson whose just turned 21. They are off watching cars go round and round ad nauseum again…

So it’s just me and Spider.  I have the election night, tomorrow’s G&T today and lots and lots of time to knit…I’m curled up here with my laptop and the cat listening to the pad pad pad of small feet upstairs as Spider scutters between his room and mine…I suspect he’s decided he’s sleeping in my room tonight (“Don’t worry Mummy, I’ll look after you and make sure you’re not lonely”) and is redistrubuting some of his bedtime friends in my bed.

So with 4 evenings with no one but the cat to talk to after 7pm in the evening I am turning to knitting to keep me away from the rest of the Gin bottle and the Penn State sour cream pretzels in the cupboard. I am determined to finish Julia’s cardigan so that I can start afresh on something that makes my heart sing…


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