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We had a little visitor. He arrived in our bed at about 12.30am claiming “scary dream” so we let him in with his cuddly blanket and his dressing gown and he lay there until about 2am when Husband finally got fed up of his wriggling and carried him back to his own bed.

We were both awake at this stage. Husband dropped off soon after removing our interloper but I couldn’t turn my head off…shortly afterwards it was irrelevant whether I could stop my brain whirring as I was then kept awake by Husband’s snoring and then a headache. I got up and found a little red and yellow pill (cold and flu remedy but also deals with aches and pains). I’ve taken it for the headache, it’ll probably keep me awake even longer though as it has caffeine in it.

So here am I, awake in the middle of the night – can’t knit as that will definitely keep me awake and I’ll have to frog what I do in the morning as it’s bound to be full of mistakes…so here is something I made previously.

Pattern: Steam scarf

Yarn: Jaegar Mohair Silk

needles: 4mm

new: Nothing really. I have just spent over a year doing essentially the same pattern for the lily chin scarf as its a k2p2 rib with the occasional cable done over 16 stitches instead of 24.

As mentioned previously I blocked this scarf after soaking it. I soaked it to try and make the wool feel softer as despite being percentage wise more a natural fibre than plastic fantastic it felt rather harsh, I also wanted to try and control some of the fluff as it’s a very hairy scarf and to make it slightly longer which it now is but I probably overblocked it widthwise as the cables aren’t as pronounced.

First christmas present for this year, not sure which of Spider’s many girlfriends it is going to yet…maybe I shall keep it as payment for a night without sleep.

It is now 4am. Night world


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