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FO: Lilly, or the unbearable longness of knitting

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On April the 15th 2009 I started knitting something for me, on the 11th April 2010 I finally finished it. It didn’t have to take so long, there are people on Ravelry who have made some truly fabulous versions, in a fraction of the time and theirs are much longer than mine, but lets face it, beautiful though she is, Lilly is not the most interesting of knits.

Lilly consists of about 6ft of k2p2 rib with the occasional cable. It’s uninteresting knitting but it’s not mindless knitting and if you have used Kidsilk Haze of similar then it’s a real pain to knit back to correct your mistake – someone in the blogosphere once described knitting with kidsilk haze as like knitting with hairy dental floss…

Anyway this is my Lilly

Pattern: 02#Reversible Cabled Rib Shawl by Lily Chin

Yarn: Kidsilk Night in Starlite (5 balls)

Needles: 4.5mm

New: When I started I was new to knitting with dental floss, other than that this was probably my first time using stitch markers.

I am pleased to report that Lilly is both beautiful and functional as I used her last weekend on my birthday when it was too hot for a jacket but still a bit chilly (if you are a whimp like me) – wouldn’t recommend wearing it over black as it sheds fluff like nobodies business !

Verdict: Despite the fact there are some huge holes around my cables and that it is now probably too warm to wear it, I love it !


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