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Something old out of something new

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I cleaned. I cleaned on Friday. I cleaned on Saturday. I cleaned on Sunday. Not quite as impressive as it sounds as I kept getting distracted and ended up doing other things (taking library books back, making a herb garden) but I did do enough to earn an evening of sewing…after I’d tidied my work table again after surplus clutter from other rooms ended up there…

Sometime ago I started making a skirt but cut it out too short, so having resolved to add a “ruffle” to it using some polka dot material (which I have a lot of, but can only use in small amounts cos it sends your eyes dotty !) –  following a suggestion from both my Mum and Carie at the Knitted bear – I set too with renewed enthusiasm.

I stay stitched the waist, sewed 3 seams (and turned the seam under to neaten it), pressed it vigorously, found a zip to fit… and whilst basking in the glow of smugness caused by having such lovely neat seams

(well neat for a beginner) decided to try half made skirt on for fit…

UGH ! Wrong choice of material again. Circle skirts may be flattering to girls with large tums and bums, but only if you chose a material that flows like a river and doesn’t bunch up around the waist…

Monday, feeling depressed at another bodge up (but then hey, that’s what muslins are for isn’t it ? so that you don’t mess up your good fabric) we took Spider to Wroxeter to watch the Ermine Street Guard strut their stuff…and what was that under their armour ? Wow, tunics, red tunics and what colour is the circle skirt ? Yep red. Now where did I put my scissors ? I know a small person who would love to have a tunic to go with his sword and shield…

At this point if I were a more serious/organised blogger I would have a picture of  Spider pretending to be a roman soldier in the “Children’s Drill Session” but that’s on Husband’s camera and he’s popped out for the evening – so instead, here is a picture of Julia blocking…you didn’t really think I’d finished it to deadline, No ? Well glad I didn’t disappoint.

I had to clean the house in order to have somewhere to lay her out…not having Teenager around this  weekend helped as I  used his bed to pin it all out in one go…now all I need is the courage to finish her off and deliver her…must make sure I’ve removed all the pins from the Teenager’s bed before next weekend…


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One thought on “Something old out of something new

  1. Well at least you managed to salvage something out of it, and learned a lesson in the process. A lot of the time my mistakes just end up straight in the bin.

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