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Sometimes things take longer than expected…but usually its the preparing yourself to take action that takes the time and things never seem quiet so bad once you start. Take my brother’s christmas present for example, its taken me 5 months to admit to myself that I needed to start again but once started things went quiet well.

It’s a design from another book of celtic cross stitch from Leamington Spa library, which I would tell you the name of if the book wasn’t upstairs and I wasn’t collapsed on the sofa downstairs (12 days down 44 to go)…the general opinion at the weekend was that it was reminiscent of aboriginal dot paintings, which was OK cos Big Brother quite likes that, in fact probably more than he likes celtic stuff so things seem to have worked out ok in the end.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for my photography skills. I have found the SLR unfortunately I have forgotten how to use it (too many buttons and dials) as I’ve been using the little nikon point and shoot for so long…so if my brother happens to read this in the not too distant future and fancies providing me with a better photograph it would be much appreciated !

Technology doesn’t like this family at the moment, the laptops are acting up and the car is followed by a strange smell. Its typical though the fates give you a good card (new job for Husband) with one hand and deal you a bad one before you’ve had time to celebrate the good card !


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