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Taming the octopus

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I had a meeting in London today. The journey back was better than the journey in, mainly because I had a seat on the way back.

To save the organisation I work for money I took the first train to London after the “rush hour” but of course being the first cheap train of the day it was rammed. I didn’t fancy the idea of standing for an hour and 20 minutes so I just plonked myself down on the floor.  I was an object of some curiosity, not because I was knitting but because you don’t get many 30 something women in suits sitting on the floor of the Banbury to Marylebone.

On the way back I was an object not just of curiosity but of open mouthed fascination when a group of 20 or so pre-schoolers got on at High Wycombe…I’d like to think that it was because I was using dpns and just looked like a cats cradle of pointy sticks and blue wool rather than the fact that I was knitting…I’d hope that I wasn’t the first person they’d ever seen knitting…


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Cake Baker

One thought on “Taming the octopus

  1. I’m of the sitting on the floor in random places to, I specialise in church floors next to smelly buckets, where I get stared at by small children who go to each other “What’s she doing?” and the more knowledgable ones reply “Threading”.

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