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Knitting has been happening, things have been being finished. Yes Julia will be sewn up by the end of June, unfortunately I have a little bit of a technical hitch…quite a serious one.

The Julia cardigan comes from a magazine. A magazine published in 1942. It has been challenging due to the substitution of yarn. It has been challenging because the yarn has a strong natural kink to it. It has been challenging because my sewing up is not exactly the neatest in the world (naturally slapdash probably describes it accurately) but most of all it has been challenging because part of the instructions say “the final buttonhole is knitted on the neckband” and guess what, I come to sew up the cardigan and knit the neckband, and horror ! There are no instructions for the neckband… and with a magazine published over 70 years ago you can’t write to the editor asking for them to send you the missing section of the pattern !

So I’m in a slow process of trying things to see if they work…I’ll keep you posted.

I’m also desperately knitting away at a jumper for me that I started just under a year ago, unfortunately I keep making catastrophic mistakes and having to go back to the start again – admittedly this was due to the fact I was somewhat distracted by being at a festival at the time (no, not Glasto, this one was last weekend) – I’ve also just finished my first pair of gloves and have a stack of small things that need washing and finishing off.

Because of this, my technology problems with camera and laptop and the fact that I am reorganising the house before the “cleaner” interviews us on friday to see if she is prepared to take us on (I’m moving the sewing machine  and the in-tray out of the spare room – don’t know where it’s going to live yet) – there are unlikely to be any posts here until next weekend.

The other thing that’s been happening here is some wool buying. I heard a rumour that the John Lewis sale started on the 24th, if it did then it didn’t happen in Reading. Fortunately Jacksons in Reading did have a sale on and I scored 12 balls of  sirdar Flirt (bamboo/wool mix) in red. Yesterday Mrs Lacer tweeted me to say she’s scored some Noro on sale in John Lewis, Kingston (I know, Noro ! on sale ! How will my credit card cope…) – until I get my hands on some I shall remain deeply jealous !  I’ve also acquired several balls of sock yarn whilst trogging around the country (The Knitting Parlour, Malvern, Wool in Broadway etc etc) but these may become gloves as I think I may be about to become obsessed…

Right I’m off strawberry picking now with Spider, the Flapjack Queen and her little Oatlets…we have a yen to make jam…see you next weekend


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