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I want to make this. I really really want to make it…but I can’t.

I mean don’t get me wrong, technically I can, or I think I can. I’ve read through the pattern and there is nothing I can’t handle. Practically I can as well. I have the pattern. I have the yarn…in fact here look at this lovely pile of  red happiness waiting to be turned into the first of my rainbow of jumpers

(I treated myself at IKnit last time I had to go to London for a meeting (well it was just after my birthday))

I even have the needles – at least I think I have, I won’t know for certain until I check my tension and at the moment I won’t even let myself swatch.

But you see I can’t knit this because Julia is still not finished and until I have her out of this house, morally I cannot start on something new…but it is so so hard and lately I’ve been having cravings. Can you believe this ? I have a yen to make a sock. A sock ! I ask you why do I want to make a sock, I have drawers full of the things already (not knitted). I do not need a pair of socks.

Gloves now. Gloves I can understand wanting to knit gloves. I have just knit my first pair and I loved the whole process and having something of a glove fettish I can easily imagine myself getting obsessed by gloves in the same way other people love socks…but no, I am possessed by a mad desire to cast on a sock.

And, Julia not being suitable for taking camping did admittedly get abandoned this weekend in favour for something a little more portable…but not before I’d put 2 hours work into the neckband so I don’t feel quite so morally embarrassed, and  I haven’t cast on Manu yet…but I have started a sock…but I stopped knitting it the moment we got back  and I promise (cross my heart) that I won’t touch it again until Julia is in an envelope and on her way to Hatfield…which had better be before Thursday as I have a course in Birmingham and two train journeys to pass the time away on…


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  1. Oh I love Needled’s patterns!

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