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The end is in sight. I have finally sorted out the neck band on Julia’s cardigan. I have a pocket to make, 2 seams to join (the long ones !) and 12 button holes to tidy up – then it’s off to my Mum for the once over to see what else I need to do to make it look good (there are a few places where a second line of stitching would improve things)  and then it will be out of the house and off to Hatfield…I may put buttons on it, I may leave it to Julia herself – buttons can really change an item and if you get it wrong can mess things up completely.

It’s a good thing that I’ve almost finished because having congratulated myself at avoiding the John Lewis sale without buying anything it would appear that I couldn’t resist the House of Fraser. I was on a course in Birmingham today…the only non prosecutor on a course for prosecution lawyers…feeling a bit dumb in comparison I sought solace in the only place that sells yarn in the centre of Brum…one should never go into a yarn shop feeling low, especially when they have a sale on.

On the plus side, with a bit of effort on my part I should have a new merino jumper for less than £20 and Spider’s girlfriend will eventually have a cotton hoodie for £10 – both named brand yarns !

Right I’m off to do the 2 long seams before the wine kicks in (reading Elizabeth David, a glass of wine and an omelette – can’t exercise tonight as I did something to my hip whilst running)…

ps I only really went into HoF for the lining for a small bag, this was more than a success and I think the Mummy of the recipient will appreciate it more than the recipient because I know she likes Amy Butler (although its quite a plain Amy Butler)… however not only am I very slow to finish things I’m also useless when it comes to posting things !


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