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Thank You !

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Dear Welsh Goddess

I know you read my blog, just am not sure if it’s this one you read or Appetite for Cake. I just wanted to say “thank you”. Thank you for thinking of me when you were on holiday. Thank you for taking the time to put something in the post to make me smile.

I know that life for you in local government is probably as “interesting” as it is for me at the moment in a publicly funded Quango and that makes it just a little bit extra special to know that you have thought about how to make me smile despite your own troubles

The bookmark arrived yesterday at what was the end of a particularly bad day, having been informed that the cuts will probably involve a reduction in headcount of about 30%, and although your lovely present wasn’t completely responsible for putting a smile back on my face, it did help (as did 2 cadbury’s caramel eggs, half a bottle of wine and a natter with a passing friend and Husband).

 I understand that “we are all in it together”  (I’m keeping count of the number of times this statement is made by the government) – and if people occasionally take the time to be nice to other people (as you have) then well, admittedly it doesn’t make it better or take the pain away, but like a Mummy’s kiss, it makes us feel less miserable about the whole unpleasant business !

 To accentuate the positive – redundancy (if it comes to that) will give me more time to knit – just perhaps not the spare money to spend on wool !

 Lots of Love


 Ps keep an eye on the post !


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Cake Baker

One thought on “Thank You !

  1. You are more than welcome! xxx

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