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Festival of Colour


This year I’d planned to start knitting myself a whole series of more colourful sweaters/cardigans etc When most of your clothes are black then even one top in any colour is an improvement… unfortunately we are now in July and not one has been made thanks to being bogged down with the Julia cardigan.

However Julia had become too big to be travel knitting and as a result I did get quite a lot of opportunity to play with colour on small knits..a lot of which have been an exercise of using up left overs…but mainly just mad, joyful, childish glee of what pretty things you can make when you play around with colour combinations.

But first…most of a sock…this rainbow of mexicana colours is filling my soul…

I have also become addicted to this pattern. It started with a bag for Spider last half term. Spider is reluctant to do things unless there is a reason for doing it…he will do handwriting practice but as yet no one has given him a good reason why he should.

This bag filled with a selection of little gifts resulted in daily handwriting sessions all through half term (Subsequent to this, explaining that if he couldn’t write then Father Christmas wouldn’t know what to bring him for Christmas has resulted in an almost daily letter to Santa as he refines his “needs” !)

But one playing with colour combinations has lead to another

And another

And another (would have prefered white stripes to grey,but I have no white left – this one was knit in the round and practices the “jogless stripe” technique)

(and then you have all the fun of yet more choices of what to line it with – please note that only the first one was lined with a pair of old (but very well washed) boxer shorts !  subsequent versions were not done in quite so much of a hurry either and the stitching is a little better in the making up)

So I now have a pile of little bags – plus 2 more in the making…but I only have 1 little boy.

Life is a bit cr*ppy at the moment (apologies to my Mum but there is no other way of describing it) – I don’t know anyone who is smiling and laughing, we are all a bit down.  However making other people smile tends to make me smile, and “if you love something set it free” (so I’m told), so I have, I have sent these little bags out into the world to try and spread a bit of happiness and put smiles on some faces…


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2 thoughts on “Festival of Colour

  1. Oooo …. I like these. Any chance that you could share the pattern? I need a small crafty challenge but it has to be for something useful as we are running out of room for extra bits! xx

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