Being Frank…

Accepting my failings

Bad Example


This morning my breakfast was 3 Reeces Peanut cups. Fortunately it is a school day so Spider didn’t catch me eating them as he was already at school and I had breakfast in the car on the way to work…lunch was a chocolate cookie from a colleague who had a birthday.

Unfortunately stress about work has coincided with a running injury – so am on a break from the Matt Robins programme…fortunately school finishes next week so I may be able to fit in some cycling to work…

It would be a shame to abandon the programme now having got down to 11 stone but I need something to prop me up at the moment – even the skies are gloomy.

Maybe this weekend I have another go at the clothkits skirt I abandoned this time last year in the hope that I have lost enough inches that it will actually fit…maybe I should make it now before I undo all this good work…!


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

4 thoughts on “Bad Example

  1. Good luck with the diet! I managed to loose another 5lb recently BUT my four month long tooth woes have been recently solved and although my mouth is still a bit sore a week after the dentists (the dentists was rather reminiscent to a Hollywood tooth extraction torture scene, with only the slightly added benefit of painkillers and the disadvantage in that I think Hollywood torturers probably have slightly more tools than my dentist did) but I am now, as I type, hiding out in the kitchen on my phone, eating Tooty Frooties just because ‘I can’ finally which doesn’t necessarily mean I should, so I’m going to have to be stricter with myself now!

    Good luck as well with the Clothkits skirt, I’ve noticed slightly infuriatingly that Clothkits have been running a number of magazine ads over the last few months with gorgeous skirts that aren’t yet in their catalogue, I really want the pop art music tape one!

    Fingers crossed for your job and thank you for your e-mail today, the kids will be very excited when it comes!

  2. Eek! Just checked, that skirt is now in, it’s called the C60 skirt, argh just when I have no money! There’s also a rather nice skirt with stamps on, sigh!

  3. I haven’t been in touch with you for aaaages, just wanted to drop you a line to say hello and that I’ve been thinking of you with everything that’s been going on. Keep smiling and don’t let the barstewards get you down. xx

  4. Taking your advice…I’m smiling, planning a holiday and generally trying to enjoy life come what may.

    Enjoying your recent spate of blogging too

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