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I think I may finally have “exorcised” this pattern from my head…for now at least, there may be a reprise come Halloween or Christmas depending on how much time I have and whether I feel like another handmade christmas…These latest two are for my niece and nephew and finally hit the post this morning filled with lots of silly little things to perhaps pass the time whilst in the car headed towards their holiday.

I’m quite proud of the monkey (not my pattern) and the variation on the ladybirds log that became the pocket on the yellow and brown bag above. The sail boat was meant to have been crewed by an elephant and whereas the (currently blind and eyeless elephant) might not have forgotten what his task was to be I have managed to forget where I’ve put him…

Most of these bags have been made out of acrylic leftovers. The acrylic gives the bags quite a soft fuzzy look. The two blue ones in the last post where made out of cotton which gives them a crisper slightly more “adult” feel.

I still love the pattern but I haven’t been keen on the handstitching required for sewing in the linings – guess more sewing is required in order to improve the neatness of my awful sewing.


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