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I don’t have any UFO’s or should I perhaps say “didn’t”. I dealt with all my UFO’s by the cunning strategy of unravelling them and giving all my yarn away in 2008 when I decided to give up knitting – some of these were vintage knits that had been on the go since 1989…

Despite the fact that I have been a little tardy in finishing things off sometimes, I have managed, since I restarted knitting, to cast off within a year of casting on…until the 15th July that is which is the anniversary (according to Ravelry) of starting the Cockleshell Lace top from The Knitter issue 3…

I started off very well, I motored through the back, despite a very complex lace pattern made more confusing by the required increasing/decreasing that shapes the bottom of the back, I raced through both sleeves, despite the fact they were 75% stocking stitch. It was a joy, a pleasure, OK so the yarn is black which makes it difficult to see what you are doing sometimes but a pair of bright red needles and good overhead light sorted that – also I was knitting with Debbie Bliss Prima which is bamboo (see previous post about my love affair) so I was sitting there most nights just feeling in awe of the lovely even defined stitches and their gentle sheen…

And then I started the front.

Now I got off to a good start, I dealt with the increases and decreases ok until the armhole…it’s then things started to go wrong. Firstly I didn’t have enough of the Prima to finish it, I’d bought it in the John Lewis sale and that branch of JL no longer seemed to do the Prima in black…I  also screwed up the pattern , one of my lace motifs was off – so I knit back and corrected that whilst I looked for more yarn. I knit forward and made the same mistake, I corrected it and knit forward…I found a replacement ball…

“Hmmm, if I knit with this new yarn, which is not of the same dye lot then it will be right at the front, at eyelevel and therefore any difference in dye colour will be obvious” I frogged the entire front and cast on with the new yarn…

The new yarn was not just a different dyelot but a completely different colour. I had managed to pick up navy blue in the shop instead of black…I frogged what I had done and searched the internet until I found some black Prima.

I cast on, I managed 2 repeats of the pattern then I realised my motifs were wonky again. I frogged. I cast on again…by now it’s mid June and I’m on a weekend camping down in Wiltshire. I spent an entire afternoon knitting and frogging the same section again and again until in desperation I got out a scrap of paper and a pen and wrote out where I should increase/decrease.

When I got home the jumper ended up in the work basket as I had other more pressing matters…and there it stayed, even though I knew its first anniversary was approaching. I just couldn’t face picking it up because I knew I wouldn’t remember where I had got to and would end up making a mistake.

The other day I finally plucked up courage and picked up the red needles, and there in with the pattern was my scrap of paper – and guess what it was spot on accurate as to where I was in the pattern and what I had to do next…I still messed up the pattern again within 10 rows…!

This time I’m keeping going as I want to wear it on holiday and I daren’t put it down now in case I never pick it up again.

When I started it last year I decided to add a pattern repeat to deal with the fact I have a long back – I have never ever been happy with any of the jumpers I have made as far as back length is concerned – this time I would lengthen the pattern so that it would be perfect…of course 12 months on I know that Bamboo has a tendency to stretch with wear so I would have been better knitting it to pattern and letting time do its thing…

Anyway this is why the next FO to appear on these pages is likely to be black rather than the bright red Manu I would rather be knitting despite the acres and acres of stocking stitch…did I mention the fact I have a badly twisted stitch at the beginning…


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