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A day of ends…

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and beginnings or rather restarts.

I have spent this weekend finishing things off, you know the sort of things I mean, the things that are finished but just need finishing, ends weaved in, buttons put on, 2 sides grafting together… I have also finished the UFO.

So on the list to be photographed are

1 pair of socks (Monkeys)

1 pair of fingerless gloves (Ysolda pattern)

1 cockleshell jumper – Ok that may take a bit of time as strictly speaking its only finished in the “no more knitting sense” the 4 parts are sitting in a bowl in the kitchen soaking prior to blocking and then sewing up, but since I had got to the stage where I thought this was an endless jumper I think being in bits is an acceptable “finished”

Julia’s cardigan is in the process of having buttons sewn on it and 1 seam resewn (My Mum quality controlled it and recommended some remedial work)

The restart is a clothkit skirt the one that last year I cut out too small – well having lost 2.5 inches from my waist and 4 inches from my hips it now fits and has been ironed and a plan of action drawn up – just not executed due to uncertainty about the darts and the fact that by the time I realised I needed to wield the scissors I was already 1 G&T to the good before sunday lunch…

The only WIP I have now is Manu…can I face frogging it back to correct some misknit stitches..


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