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Feeling Bruised

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Today has not been a good day. I can’t talk about it as it involves the neighbour dispute. I did something which I thought the neighbour would accept because I was doing what her solicitor told me needed to happen…my mistake, turns out she didn’t agree with what her solicitor told me to do.

Feeling very annoyed…am also very much enjoying the belgium anesthetic that my husband brought back from Spa…I may regret this in the morning.

I hate lawyers…what was it I did for a living…sorry, too much anesthetic…

Oh and today we had another briefing about jobs, job losses, assessment for jobs etc etc…trying to think of a plan B and wondering if the world needs another yarn shop…there is an empty shop in Harbury (just down the road) and a good internet presence can make the difference between low footfall and high rents in a major town !


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

One thought on “Feeling Bruised

  1. Sorry to hear about the neighbour and fingers crossed for the job and/or any future plans.

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