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It would appear that my knitting time is about to be interrupted for the forseeable future as I am advised by recorded letter (which somehow has ended up through the door without being signed for by anyone) that unless I accept my neighbours point of view within the next 14 days then court proceedings will be issued against me.

I love people with legal expense insurance they never give up and they never accept that the person they are pursuing may actually have an arguable case. Unfortunately it also means that I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get a surveyors report on the boundary which will not be cheap.

We are drinking more belgium beer here tonight and eating lemon mangie pie…

On the plus side at least if they do issue proceedings I can show that I told my neighbout 2.5 years ago before she instructed lawyers that the way to settle this would be to jointly instruct a surveyor and agree to be bound by their decision… I’m still going to be out of pocket on the surveyors report because although they are currently claiming £6k its really a small claims matter, so no entitlement to cost.

Apologies if the above sounds like gobbledygook but you all know I’m a lawyer that knits rather than a knitter who messes around with planning law so I guess you are not surprised by this post? Not sure where the Mummy bit fits in, sure Spider could tell you…


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Cake Baker

One thought on “Trespass

  1. I say Boo, and Hiss and Get them TELT!

    V annoying petal, hope this can finally get dealt with.


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