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The problem with holidays is that although you may leave your house in a presentable state it becomes chaos the moment you return…especially if its raining outside and you have 4 loads of washing to do…

We have been off on holiday and now I need a holiday to recover from that. Special thank you to Husband who did all the driving, apart from 150 minutes where I was meant to be driving but in fact spent it stuck in a traffic jam on queueing to pay at the toll booth…I am obviously destined to spend most of my life parked in the middle lane of one motorway or another !

Some knitting was done, lots of books were read (Hurrah !), I offered to spend time with Spider and play but he was more interested in being with his brother the Teenager and reading his Lego catalogue (which is in french so I suspect he was looking at the pictures and dreaming about christmas…).


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

2 thoughts on “Laundry

  1. Only 4 loads of washing, you lucky thing …. I’m up to 15 so far! Glad you had a nice time xx

  2. Ah well there are only 3 of us, Teenager took his washing back to his Mum…also we only went for a week…and I may have done some washing half way through the week (not that I’d admit to that)…and it may also be that I hadn’t found all the washing…and I may now be up to 8 loads…but that is still a fortunate place to be as I’m having problems enough drying my 8 loads…

    Hope the washing didn’t diminish your memories of your holiday

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