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Before we went on holiday I had several posts planned about various things that have been happening recently plus some actual finished items -but they didn’t even get as far as drafts because just as the drama with the neighbour sprung into life things started going a bit wrong on a project at work, at the same time as I was initiating a rare bit of civil litigation (possession proceedings at work).

So although we had a good time away I wasn’t totally relaxed as I knew I would be coming back to a full inbox, the possibility of proceedings on the front door mat and 2 stressful situations (a project on the ropes and issuing proceedings to remove people from Agency property).

This week has been very tough, wall to wall meetings and coming home too tired to do anything, even knit – which is stupid really as knitting would help me deal with the stress… plus I’ve been feeling totally overwhelmed by the housework, paperwork and the laundry (thank you fairies for giving me breathing space on thursday)…oh and my laptop turned itself into a brick swallowing 5 years of photographs of Spider and all my family history research…

I need space to think. To get the order of things right so that I can start to solve problems proactively rather than firefighting the whole time… I cleaned the top part of the house…now my bedroom is clean and tidy and ordered I am calm, I am knitting…I feel as though balance has returned to the universe…

Ps Islay, tell Skye that Auntie Currantbuns is happy again and a knitted  monkey should be with you by Friday and I may drop it off personally.


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