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As in “to tink” which has been defined by someone in the knitting world as painstakingly knitting back stitch by stitch until you reach the mistake (it’s knit backwards).

The same person (Yarn Harlot ?) also noted the phenomenon whereby you knit for ages and ages and your knitting doesn’t seem to grow at all staying at about 2 inches in length and then suddenly you get your tape measure out and you realise you’ve knitted about 3 inches too much.

My love for Manu has been tested over the last 3 days, the stocking stitch seemed endless, its amazing how much knitting is involved in  19 inches x 208 stitches in fine wool and 3.25mm needles… once again I was cursing the long back genes inherited from my Dad’s side of the family and then I hit a knot in the wool. In fact it wasn’t strictly a knot more of a horrible snarl where the yarn had split over about 20cm.

Manu is knitted mostly in one piece, left front, back and right front as one endless piece of back and forth knitting and I was in the middle of the back, not really the place for joining in new yarn after breaking off the damaged bit, so I tinked, I tinked back 104 odd stitches, cut the yarn, attached the new and then thought “well whilst I’d stopped I may as well measure it” and yay ! I was just over the 19 inch mark, time to stop and start the rest another day as this is where the pattern gets “interesting” aka challenging…

So I’m off to bed. I know not to risk the gods wrath by pressing on thinking that luck is with me.


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Cake Baker

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