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I can tell its raining because…


They opened the car parks today for the Reading Festival…it seems to get earlier every year. When I was growing up round Reading the Festival was such a little thing (relatively speaking) you’d hardly know it was on if it wasn’t for the slight increase in people with long hair and Iron Maiden (!) T-shirts in the town centre.

These days you can tell the Festival is drawing near for weeks in advance as all the Port-a-loos turn up in the fields by the river and seem to stay there for several weeks afterwards.

The heavens opened in Reading this afternoon, about the same time as the car parks opened. I trudged past all these happy campers after work, one after the other they marched up the towpath in their brand new wellies, various degrees of waterproofs carrying cheap new tents (hope they are waterproof) and trolleys of beer…I watched them as a crossed the weir, pausing to admire the torrent of water coming through the weir gates.

To be Frank, and please feel free to call me an old fogey, but I don’t care how good the music is, you wouldn’t catch me camping in an area known to flood this weekend…


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

2 thoughts on “I can tell its raining because…

  1. You wouldn’t catch me doing that either.

    I’m recently shocked about the sudden spate of Olympic logos I’m seeing round London, Olympic chococolate (hmmm), Olympic soft toys, John Lewis is proudly displaying that they’re the Olympic department store and it’s still two years away, sigh. Much as I’m looking forward to the Olympics coming, if London is going to spend the next two years swimming in that logo I won’t be!

    • I know what you mean…maybe we should just get over the olympics overload now and run some sort of Olympics swap or challenge from a craft point of view…and we still have 2 years to go !

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