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Knitting for boys


If I had even a little finger’s worth of artistic talent  then this would be the name of the book that I would write. It is my belief that the world needs more books of knitting patterns totally and  utterly and only devoted to boys.

I will concede here that if you buy a book of knitting patterns for babies or toddlers then the distribution between not only patterns for boys and girls but cute patterns for girls and boys is reasonably fair and even. But, get beyond the age of 3 and any book of knitting patterns for children is heavily weighted in favour of girls and all the stuff that your heart cries out to knit are very much girl orientated patterns.  The boy patterns are either very very dull or  “novelty” and there are about 3 of them to the 10 or so for girls.

At this point no doubt someone will point me in the direction of a variety of books written by men, for example Knits Men Want where they explain that actually men have  limited tastes in knitwear, want very practical knits in a small range of colours and claim that there is actually no call for a wide variety in knitting patterns for men. Men know what they like and want.

I will again accept that point. I have been shopping with enough males to know that, yes, there are men out there who very much know what they like and the colours they like and the qualities they want in their clothes.  BUT I also have 2 stepsons who know what they like and let me tell you their clothing covers a wide spectrum of colours and styles, they are peacocks, dandys, their clothing wants and needs cannot be contained by this universe alone – indeed they have been known to commission knitwear from their Mum  who also knits and is a friend on Ravelry (for the record it was a hat, in orange green and cream and was a cross between a peruvian cap and a bobble hat, the other one commissioned a scarf in rastafarian colours).

So here am I a Mum of a 5 year old boy who demonstrates her love for her friends and family by showering them with knitted goodies (whether they want them or not) and I cannot find anything for Spider (except for hats and there is a limit to how many hats one boy needs even if he does have a track record of losing them quickly) the boy who lights my world and universe other than very very practical knitwear.

Some might say what does it matter ? You know that as soon as you finish it he will, being the little contrary madam (!) that he is, refuse to wear it – but still I can dream that I can wrap my boy up in knitted love.


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2 thoughts on “Knitting for boys

  1. Very true. I also think there is a lack of pattern books (knitting and sewing) for children, both boys and girls who are over the age of around 5, there are far too many baby and toddler wear books where if I recall back then as a mother of a baby and toddler I had absolutely no energy to go and create them something. I think the problem is a lot of the kids’ pattern wear designers are a bit twee and no kid over the age of 5 would wear twee, but there’s lots of cool older kids clothes being sold in the shops, so you’d think designers would be able to match that (Oliver & S being an exception, they’re cool and have recently extended their age range). Having said all that I have just finished sewing S the coolest dress I’ve seen for her age range, if they had it in my size I’d want it, it’s a Clothkits dress but I know (because she’s said as much) that she doesn’t really like it because it’s got cars on it, sigh. I obviously went too far away from the pink twee.

    • your clothkits dress has spurred me to finish the skirt I started last september ! I agree about the lack of sewing patterns for children for stuff they actually want to wear…and the ones I have found are far too complicated for L plate me !

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