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A spider in the bath


My boy and I are having a gentle day together. I asked him what we  should do and he said “watch star wars and play star wars lego” and I am more than happy to agree.

He is sat on the floor goggle eyed and I am sitting on the sofa knitting. I am having a day of not doing, I don’t care that the house is a tip and the washing needs doing. I need some time out, I need not to “do”.

It’s not because I have had a stressful month at work and this month has truly been stressful, it’s not the fact that yesterday I cycled along the canal from Napton to Rugby (about 13 miles) and then followed that with a 5 mile walk, no, it’s down to my own stupidity.

Last year for my birthday the boys bought me GPS, not the sort that you stick in the car (although my map reading skills are non-existent) but the handheld sort that you use when tramping round the countryside looking for small plastic containers. I took up Geocaching as I thought it would be a fun thing to do as a family, as it happens the Teenager hates it and the others are indifferent. So periodically I get a child free day to go on a geocache “mission” with Wingnut (a friend we met through Climbing).

Yesterday we managed 23 along the towpath and on a 5 mile circular walk round Ufton/Southam etc thaen about 4 cache from the end I had a bit of a traumatic experience. We were investigating a dead tree when we realised it had a wasp nest in it. We backed off rapidly, unfortunately we were followed by a couple of wasps which when I decided to try again on the other side of the tree, went for me and stung the top of my head. The wasp then, finding herself mixed up in my long hair, panicked and stung me several more times before I did the only thing I could do and squashed it with my hand getting a sting on my fingers at the same time !

Being in the middle of nowhere there was nothing else I  could do except bear the pain and carry on caching…wasp stings really really hurt by the way…

This morning there is a spider in the bath.  Husband is scared of spiders, having seen one bite his Mum when he was little. It will at some point today be my job to remove it as my boy has just advised me “I’m scared of Spiders Mummy”.

This morning Husband said “you do realise that after yesterday our son is going to have an irrational fear of wasps”. Quite frankly I think a fear of wasps may be very rational – I still think the men in this house are wimps for being scared of spiders as most spiders in this country don’t cause pain when they bite whereas wasp stings always hurt.

Later I will deal with the spider – for now I’m knitting and watching Darth Vader.


Author: 5currantbuns

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2 thoughts on “A spider in the bath

  1. Don’t worry, Spider knows what to do with wasps. One landed on his nose in the playpark the other day and he stood there patiently , eyes and mouth tightly screwed up- until it flew away.

  2. Umm … I tried the “leave it and it will fly away” technique only to find it was a myth when the damn thing ended up hanging from my arm by its sting with me having done nothing. My arm then had a 20cm diameter swollen red patch for 10 days that itched intensely. Since that was my second wasp sting in three weeks I am now firmly in the “wasps must die” camp! Incidentally, I can thoroughly recommend Wasp-Eze.

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