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Not my wedding. Husband and I did that almost 6 years ago and although it was rather rushed and frantic (we had a month to plan it) it was leisurly compared with what I’m currently planning.

We have been invited to a wedding. Often I find myself in a situation where at weddings I only know the bride and groom and the people I’m related to (Husband and the boys) for once I don’t know the bride or groom or any of the other guests despite being related to them.  I have never met anyone on Husband’s mother’s side…that is about to change and I will be meeting them all in one go.

I have nothing to wear of course. The clothes that I do have no longer fit and there were very few of them to start with.  Also, being the beginning of the month I have no money but what I do have is £20 of M&S vouchers, lots of wool and a sewing machine. Obviously this is a mad plan. I only have 7 days. Fortunately I am not starting from scratch.

My knee jerk reaction when faced with a “posh do” is to go for something red but Manu is a long way from being finished. Fortunately I have a black lace top (made from bamboo fibre) which just needs a sleeve sewn in which I am planning on teaming with a clothkits skirt (black being my other knee jerk response and yes I think you can wear black to a wedding) I bought last year, cut out and then abandoned when I realised I’d cut it too small. Twelve months on and I’m much thinner so this afternoon I made a start on finishing it off.

The lining needed ironing (and whilst the iron was out I ironed in name labels on school uniform and did 3 baskets of ironing – so much for doing nothing). I have been popping up stairs all day doing a “step” in the instructions and then leaving it an hour before going back and doing more. This is so that I don’t mess things up as usual by rushing it – this way I have time to think about each step before I do it…also I’m not feeling quite right as the left side of my face has started to swell up.

I’m hoping the M&S voucher will take care of the shoes issue which gives me the rest of the week to rustle up some sort of a bag with some free bamboo handles that came with a magazine – failing that I have a fiorelli handbag that has seen better days but would serve in an emergency.

So that just leaves me with putting my family history notes in some sort of order as a wedding present – yes the family history notes that are on my dead laptop.

How long have I known about this wedding ? Er, about 6 months…!


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