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Tomorrow I am having an impromptu day off. I would like to have spent it at the archives in Walsall researching bits of the family tree or finishing off Manu (another 4 hours and it will be all done bar a wash and block) or even  making a start on the Bag bible – I have done no more than flick through its pages…

But no, came home to another letter from the woman next doors solicitors which slightly ironically threatened me with court proceedings if I didn’t agree to go to mediation – why is it ironic ? Because virtually every letter I have written since December 2007  on the boundary has suggested mediation or a jointly instructed surveyor !

So tomorrow I’m gathering the papers together and handing it to a firm of solicitors because I can no longer deal with this and having redundancy hanging over my head…on top of everything else my wisdom teeth appear to be coming through.

I need something easy to knit, something I don’t have to think about…for those with access to Ravelry check out collinette’s Mulberry, beautiful but none taxing…my heart yearns for Manu but I have reached the “interesting” bit and I don’t want to mess it up…

Next week some things that I have actually finished…failing that there is a fabulous recipe for chutney on Appetite for Cake and my neighbour (Mrs 54 the Flapjack Queen) has just given me a jar of home made marrow and ginger jam ( yes the real reason I’m not going to work tomorrow !)

(Hello to the Knitted Bear by the way – fingers crossed that things start happening soon)


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