Being Frank…

Accepting my failings

Feeling Karma


This week has been quite busy and stressful but now it is over and I feel happier now than I have for months…

I have paid off the bank loan. I have instructed solicitors on the boundary dispute and I have all the legal agreements that have been clogging up the inbox for the last 2 months signed

I have kittens. I have a boy on a promise for a trip to lego land and I have Manu to finish… I also have a husband in bed with flu

Monday it all starts again


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

2 thoughts on “Feeling Karma

  1. Awwww kittens!!!! Yay for the bank loan being paid (we pay our one of in 6 months and are counting down the days) and yay for giving all the legal stuff with the neighbour to a solicitor. I hope husband and Spider (I see from your twitter) get well soon.

    • Thank you, yes bank loan will be a big relief, credit card next – money that is not being used to pay bank loan now being used to pay solicitor. Unfortunately after i posted this I got another snotagram from her lawyers – fortunately I can now hand it over to someone else to answer, but I did still spend the day in bed (stress)

      Kittens are fab, so cute, but at the moment spend all their time under the bath…very soft and fluffy tho’

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