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Did I tell you I tried making another sock ? I’m sure I did, well I went on and made a second one to go with it and now I’m on a 5th sock (a third pair)…it’s not an addiction, I can handle it, I can stop anytime I want…actually for the time being I have as my grafting sucks…

And because my grafting sucks you only get to see one sock (I promise you there are two)…oh and also by not showing you them both together it means you can’t see where I slightly miscalculated the pattern or perhaps my tension changed, not sure what but after the heel the striping went slighty out of sync…

Pattern: Monkey

Needles: 2.5mm, probably should have gone to 2.25mm

Yarn: Rico Design Superba Santa Fe

New: Self striping sock yarn, lacy socks

The yarn was chosen by my boy when we visited the Knitting Parlour in Great Malvern, they  came to see what was taking me so long and forced me to finally make a decision (and I hate to leave a shop, if I have spent ages in there, without buying something).

I love the colour combinations in this sock, especially when you get the irish orange green and white together and then again slightly further down you get the pink blue and yellow all together.

I am not sure that striping yarn works for this pattern, I think possibly either a variegated or a solid colour would show the pattern off best.  Also its knitted up a bit baggy, think possibly my tension was slightly off but also from comments on Ravelry I think possibly it is a slightly “loose” in nature…

Anyway I am quite chuffed with my socks and have worn them quite a bit – more than my previous pair but then I have a lot of black socks…they are not quite as comfortable at the toes as my black brainless ones but that is because as I said above, I screwed up the grafting…


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