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My boy and I had the need to get out of the house today. After all we had been confined since Friday afternoon (he had a cold and I ended up in bed with extreme “fatigue” on saturday – glandular fever left me with a dodgy immune system I think, which is the only explanation I have for the severe tiredness episodes that overtake me when I’ve been trying to do everything at once).

In addition for the need to put distance between myself and the house (the house reminds me of the neighbour and that makes me unhappy at the moment) I was feeling guilty for cancelling the Lego land trip (I couldn’t face it with a boy who was not feeling 100%) so promised him a trip to Toys R Us, if he would behave himself whilst I dropped in to a wool shop.

There is a Coventry yarn shop which is closing down at the end of the month and had announced it would only be open at the weekends from now on (next weekend they have a 25% off closing sale) and I had a need for a circular 3.25mm needle for the yoke of Manu. So knowing that it would be open from 12pm today we set off – we got there at 1.30pm to discover the shutters down and the shop definitely shut (am not surprised, the shop keeper has come in for some very heavy criticism on Ravelry recently and I suspect that she had had a bad time on saturday and decided not to open)…

So my day was frustrated but my boy had a happy time in Toys R us – which makes me happy so it wasn’t a wasted day.

This evening though I am discovering the hard way that trying to knit a circular sleeve to a front and back doesn’t work with straight needles, so several dropped stitches later I’m giving up with Manu for now and wondering whether it is more effort to wind a skein of yarn into a ball, teach myself how to graft properly or instead start something new…and if so what…


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