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The artist formerly known as Spider (on this blog anyway) has been on a promise for most of the summer that he will be taken to Lego Land Windsor. Summer for me continues into September because lets face it the weather tends to be better than than the official summer. Autumn starts on the 1st October in my world which means that this weekend was the last possible chance of keeping our promise.

The problem is that I hate theme parks, (I’m not even that fussed over the “ride” part of fun fairs), I hate the crowds, I hate the queueing, I hate the car parking, I hate the rides and most of all I hate the fact that you can’t turn round without someone trying to fleece you for an additional cost for something or other.

That on top of the fact that I am not well at the moment means that I am probably not the best person to take Spider to Lego Land but both Husband and Teenager opted out of the trip – however my love for my son outweighs my fear and loathing of theme parks – besides he and I are the only people in the house capable of getting up before 8am at the weekend.

So we went (90 minutes drive). We got there at 10am. They charged for the car parking (grrrr). I was dragged into every shop on the site and subjected to strong hints about being a good boy and christmas etc etc…and we, get this had fun…mostly… we both loved the viking water ride, we loved the Jolly Rocker and both agreed we didn’t enjoy rollercoaster, both agreed we didn’t enjoy queuing (pirate boat log flume type of thing went wrong just as we got to the head of the queue), we giggled at the Pirate Show and have introduced a new phrase to our vocabulary (“it’s just a load of poop deck”) and wished the train ride was longer…and we marvelled at Mini Land especially the star wars figures hiding in the NASA section…

And then it started to go wrong. You see September isn’t really summer and I started to get very cold (the day before I’d spent 90 minutes freezing on Oxford station waiting for a train) despite fleece, gloves, scarf and hat, I got very cold indeed and started to feel very tired, the bone deep weariness I associate with glandular fever and me having pushed things too far – so I bailed, after only 4 hours (works out at about £1o an hour, paid adult ticket Spider got in free with voucher) but I knew that if we didn’t go now I’d never manage the drive home.

I feel very guilty. Spider had a good time, and he didn’t seem to mind going with only half the park visited. We decided to call it a “reccy” and we would try again in the spring (Tesco vouchers probably)…

So we went home and I went to bed for 2 hours…and then woke up to discover I’d probably lost my knitting (knit pro circular needle tips and 60cm cable) around the time I handed my bag over to go in a locker at the rollercoaster and they’d shoved it in on its side…

All in all a mixed day of delights and disappointments – fortunately my brother had warned me about the cost of food so at least I’d taken a picnic and wasn’t fuming about being overcharged for lunch…but the truth is, I think Spider would have been just as happy in the lego shop in milton keynes !


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7 thoughts on “Worshipping at the temple of the plastic brick

  1. We obviously forgot to tell you that parking is free unless you go in the car park closest to the door which is Priority Parking and has a charge … whoops!

  2. Oops about the parking, I was about to say it was free to! Good you knew about what a rip off the food was though.

    I think it’s impossible to see all of Legoland in one visit, specially when it’s crowded, so it sounded like you had a fair go at it. September – October is one of my favourite times to go as the crowds are even worse in the summer but I agree it’s blinking freezing, specially if you stay late for the fireworks in October (although the fireworks are amazing, we’re going again this year).

    It’s definitely my favourite theme park, far better than (spits tacks of hatred here) our other nearest theme park Chessington, which is far more guilty of the crime of trying to get you to pay extra money once you’re in, the food is not only expensive but horrible and it doesn’t have anywhere near as good a discount for carers as Legoland does (I know that particularly point doesn’t particularly effect that many people in the scheme of things but it’s the principal).

  3. We went last year – on the second day i saw Kate Bush – pretty momentous for me – but on the down side the heavens opened and we all literally had to strip off in the car and dig out the dirty laundry to wear all the way back to Wales ! x

  4. Thank you ladies, I can see I am on a steep learning curve as far as the world of “boy” is concerned…I can see that I either join him in his interests or risk losing him altogether…

    Was admittedly a bit confused by the parking – the only place I could see that might be free was the park and ride down by the entrance, there were signs about preferential parking being £6 but where we were was £2 which I still think is a bit off when you are paying £38 for an adult…

    Anyway, my boy is happy for now, he knows what its about and he doesn’t seem too upset that I pulled him out before he’d had chance to explore…

    I am now properly ill (cold virus Husband and boy had last week) but can’t be ill because I’m being the boss for 2 weeks 😦

  5. Hi

    I’ve just been back to Legoland and yes you’re right, they’re charging £2 for parking now, the rip off! Why not just add around 50p to the price of a ticket considering that’s what they’re really doing.

    We saw the fireworks (again), which were very good, Legoland know what they’re doing with brightly coloured incendiaries (or probably more likely they know who to pay a lot of money to do it well for them) but getting out of the carpark afterwards, shudder, it’s almost as bad as Milton Keynes Bowl!

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