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Hello blog, long time no talk…well life here has been pretty busy, normally I operate at work with 20 open emails but for the last month there have been 90…now down to 60 so I felt justified in taking a break to go to a planning lawyers meeting in Birmingham.

Work is pretty grim at the moment, we are all waiting for 20th October after which we should start to get an idea as to whether we have jobs or not. Added to which the woman next door has finally issued proceedings against us…oh and don’t get me started on child benefit…it appears to have skipped most people’s memory that next year the chancellor will be dropping the level at which the 40% tax rate starts by £2500 so more people will get caught by this uneven cut when it finally kicks-in in 2013.

On the good news front for me, a meeting in Birmingham means a train journey and a chance to knit – on the journey in I may have finally master ed grafting stitches together…yay ! Yeah I know not exactly much compensation for the knowledge that you will be paying tax at 40% on £3000 of your income whilst at the same time losing £1000 a year in child benefit not to mention no pay rise for another 2 years (in addition to this year) – IF of course I have a job after christmas !!!


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