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Driving to work this morning I caught the end of “Today” Radio 4 where Mark Steel was being interviewed comparing the British attitude to cuts to the French…Mark  Steel was advocating that perhaps the British ought to take notice of the french attitude and not be quite so accepting of the argument that “we are all in it together” (as an aside I believe there is an interesting quote in the Guardian today about the public being lectured by someone with a  £4 million trust fund that we should tighten our belts because we are all in it together…!)

This as no one can have failed to notice is “C” day, the day when the government announces its looked into public spending and that in their opinion these cuts need to be made.

Now over the last few weeks I’ve accepted that yes we do all need to pull together to get this country out of the mess its in.  I have accepted that I am powerless, I work for a public body, which does need to find efficiencies and accepted that if I am an efficiency then “so be it” – because I know there is nothing I can do that can change my fate in that respect…

That was my belief until this week and I still stand by some of the statements I may have made on this blog over the past year but I would like to add a caveat.  Yes, I will accept it if I am made redundant. Yes I would be prepared to pay more tax. Yes I would accept the loss of child benefit because I recognise that I probably don’t need it as much as some people…

The caveat is based on a simple premise. Democracy. I believe in democracy. I believe in the greatest good for the greatest people and for that reason I beleive in compromise (which makes me a bad civil litigator but a good in-house lawyer)…and the caveat is this, I will accept what is happening if there is a guarantee that the cuts are actually fair on all, that we ARE all in it TOGETHER…

and on the basis of what I’ve been hearing over the last few weeks you know, I don’t think we are all in it together. What’s more I do think that it is an attack on the welfare state and I do think that its throw back to the 80’s and the importance of “the market” and if we have learned anything from the past 5 years then surely it is that to let the “market” rule is a big mistake.

This is not the post I wanted to make tonight because I am actually smiling for the first time in ages (Mrs Lacer you are wonderful !)but that will have to wait for another day when I can provide photographs…in the meantime comrades if you are with me lets storm the barricades.


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3 thoughts on “The revolution starts here ?

  1. I’m glad the package made it in time for cut day 🙂

    I very much agree with you, I don’t think we are all in this together at all. Have you read Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine? Admittedly it is a little hard going in places but it is a very interesting read, the basic premise is that certain types of government wait for something bad to happen and then use that bad event to ram whatever ideology they believe in down the population’s throat. So the Tories believe in giving more power to the private sector and a smaller public sector and they are just using the current economic climate as an excuse. I can not help but think whoever takes over from the Tories whenever they loose power (and I think they will in the end in a wave of deep unpopularity (and they aren’t exactly popular now)), will have a hell of a job to do to restore our public services to a level that we as a country actually need it to be. I personally get nervous any time the private sector takes over a public sector role, when profit is a factor, serving the public is no longer their number one concern and it should be.

    There was an interesting article in the Guardian on Monday, , not looking at what the government has been axing but instead looking at what quangos they’re keeping and most of them seem to be government bodies solely in existence to boost corporate profit, whilst bodies that look after our culture, environment, consumer rights have been cut or got rid of. The Tories are being all too transparent I think with the knowledge that we’re stuck them for 5 whole years.

    • not read that one (tried “No Logo”) may keep an eye out for it, the article is right I think. We have been kept but we are to be more “customer orientated” which sounds to me if it means taking a step away from “sustainable development” – I guess we wait and see how it pans out…

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