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FO: Cockleshells, clothkits and Rob Ryan


Sometime ago I set out to make myself a wedding outfit in a week but due to work pressures and not having a working camera it’s taken my a bit of time to catalogue the results.

I managed most of my “mission” just didn’t have time to make a bag and the £19.50 shoe,  from M&S gave me blisters but I managed the jumper and the skirt with half a day to spare…the problem was that the skirt was a bit baggy at the top but fortunately the jumper also was too large – a combination of the bamboo stretching in the wash and having lost weight between starting it and finishing it 12 months later – so the baggy top hid the baggy top of the skirt !


Maria, Me and someone elses son...

Unfortunately this it the only shot of the Jumper as by the evening do I’d got so fed up of it falling off my shoulders that I switched it for a black T-shirt…

Spiderman showing everyone how to dance


Skirt Clothkit Rob Ryan long skirt

Jumper Cockleshell Jumper from The Knitter no 3

Yarn Debbie Bliss Prima in black

Needles: 4mm


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

2 thoughts on “FO: Cockleshells, clothkits and Rob Ryan

  1. Gorgeous skirt! Think it looks a lot nicer long as opposed to my short version which is a bit too short really (I’m convinced all Clothkits models are short).

    • Thank You ! You may be right about small models, the skirt is very very long on me as I have very short legs

      I want to try a bustle skirt…may try the pattern from Sew Hip first though, unless CK have another sale

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