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I had plans for today. I had this vision, a dream if you will that for once I could be a proper “mummy”. I dreamt that my boy and I would make cakes, play with play doh and pens and maybe take a trip to the Herbert Museum in Coventry…but of course this is just rose tinted dreaming.

The reality is that my son climbed into bed with us at 2am and spent the rest of the night wriggling and jiggling before starting a conversation loudly with me at 7am – result ? Both Husband and I are wondering around like zombies, fortunately only one of us had to go to work and fortunately it wasn’t me.

So I’m having a gentle day, gently interactive. I’ve played with lego, we’ve had sword fights up the stairs and played cops and robbers…there’s also been long interludes where he watches star wars lego movies on youtube and I get to knit.

Now normally when I get bored of a knitted article I pass it on in the charity shop. I can’t bear the thought of destroying something I’ve knitted, and aside from that I don’t have much luck at unravelling something once it’s been sewn together. But this gentleman has turned out to be too itchy to wear so I’m frogging it – not an easy task with 2 kittens in the house.

Unfortunately I’m not being very imaginative in what it’s knitted back up into. The green yarn used for Steggie appears quite often on these pages as the Pirate Tote mainly because I over ordered it but also because it felts beautifully (albeit somewhat hairy)… and since the Pirate Tote bag is the one that people keep asking me to make for them it was inevitable that I would reuse it to make my last “promised” item, before deciding if I can face a bout of Christmas knitting…and I’m in 2 minds about that at the moment.

Will have some photos to show at the end of the weekend as have just made another set of goody bags, but I think after this lot I may put both the pirate tote and goody bag patterns away – as after all doing the same thing over and over despite the fact it puts smiles on people’s faces is not stretching me as a knitter.


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