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The day I jumped off a bridge (and NaKniSweMo 2010)

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I have been floating around blog land for just over 2 years now and I always find myself in awe in November when  scores of bloggers (and now twitters) try and write a novel from start to finish in a month.

This year I have been tempted to join them, in a strange sort of way, by taking part in NakniSweMo 2010 which is the knitting equivalent and involves making a jumper in a month…now this is achievable, I could turn out s jumper a month on a regular basis if it wasn’t for the fact that I frequently get sidetracked by promises, birthday presents and the need to have something portable  to knit…and although I think it’s achievable  there is no way you would get me signing up for one of those KALs that try and do a sweater a month, that is far too regimented.

I am knitting Coraline by Ysolda Teague, which has a lot in common with Manu but I’m using a thicker yarn (and it’s bamboo which hopefully will stretch after knitting.

I am, thanks to a day in bed (“I’m ill, I don’t want to do anything, anywhere with anybody) ahead of schedule. I’ve been knitting (and swatching) for 6 days now and I am over 40% of the way to a full sweater. However after a day in bed with only Radio 4 for company I was as you can imagine happy for a day in the country with my friend Wingnut geocaching.

Now the day out was sold to me as “I really need you to take photographs”. It turned out that for her 1900 cache she wanted to do one which involved abseiling off a disused railway bridge in the wilds of Leicestershire. Wingnut I should point out was one of Husbands occasional climbing partners back before we were married.

So Wingnut set up a top rope (2 points of contact, nice and safe and secure), abbed down, got the cache, signed the cache and then turned to me and said “right, you are putting it back”…I haven’t done ANY climbing since 6 months before I became a Mum…I can’t even remember how to put a harness on…but I did it, I jumped off the top of a (small) railway bridge and you know it was nice to get a wobbly scared feeling in the pit of my stomach which had nothing to do with work, government cuts or the fact that in the eyes of Warwick County Court I am a Defendant in a trespass case…

It’s very easy to take a leap in the dark when you know there is someone out there to catch you.


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