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There I was motoring through Coraline…completed most of the body, time to do the sleeves as they join at the yoke so no need to sew them in. 

So the instructions said “Knit a 3 stitch icord and then pick up stitches along the back of the icord and join in the round. Knit 114 rows”

 Icord completed, stitches picked up and there I am 70 rows into the 114 rows when I decide to check the pattern to see when the sleeve increases need to be made as the sleeve was looking a little narrow. Fine for my forearm but my upper arm is a little bulkier (flab not muscle unfortunately)…it was at this point that I discovered I’d completely missed out the instructions for the first 5 rounds where you slowly increase your 48 stitches to 72.

So do I frog it all back to the beginning and start again or do I continue as I am ?

Continuing as I am is not an option as it would throw the maths out at the top of the arm. I need to have 72 stitches at the top of the arm as apart from the fact it won’t fit, there is a complex smocking pattern all over the yoke which is no doubt based on having the right number of stitches.

Frogging back to the start would be the sensible option. Wouldn’t take that long and won’t really put be behind schedule as I’m only 9 days in and I have almost 50% completed already…BUT and this is a big but, I think I may not have enough yarn and having bought this in the sale a long time ago not only might the colour have been discontinued but there is no way I will get the same dye lot…

The sleeve itself although narrow does fit my wrist/arm comfortably so if I do my increases slowly over the next 44 rows then I will save myself some yarn and have enough stitches at the top…

 This is a bit of a milestone for me, this is me actually modifying a pattern rather than knitting it as stated (other than the mods I make from ignoring a genuine screw up or from lengthening the body)…

 Admittedly the increases are more noticeable on the upper arm than they would have been down at the wrist but I’m hoping the first wash will sort that out…


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

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