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2 Hours of Freedom

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This afternoon my son and heir was at a party, the first party he has been to where I didn’t stay. This party was very definitely one of those “Mummies are not invited” as it involved a big double decker bus.

So 2 hours on a saturday to myself. What to do ?

Do make a start on wallpapering the bedroom ? Or whatabout hiding under the duvet with Husband (yes that is a euphemism)?  I could check out the location of a puzzle geocache whose co-ords I think I’ve worked out ?

Well I can tell you what I didn’t do. I didn’t do the thing I’d finally settled on which was to finish off the red circle skirt I’d started back when the weather was warmer.

Why ?

Because 2 hours earlier Mum phoned up to say that a neighbour had just popped round to share the news that Toys R Us have a 3 for 2 offer on lego this weekend…

I know who calls the shots in this house …even when he’s not here…besides I’m unlikely to wear the skirt before next May anyway…in the meantime I’ve bought a pair of trousers from Sainsbury’s for £10…I’ll be wamer that way


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