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95%, oh and swatches lie

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I have been wearing Manu a bit this week, no photos yet as I’m snagging.  It needs buttons that’s a minor point. I have the garter stitch cuff to sort out and there is a point where sewing the ends in has squashed the stitches a bit, again minor as is the fact that the pockets need sewing a bit more at the seams.

No the big problem is that swatches lie and it didn’t shrink in the wash as much as I hoped it would, as a result its a bit long in the back and the sleeves and the pockets are puffier than they should be BUT it did shrink as it should and a bit more horizontally and as a result it’s a bit tight round the bust !

In the meantime I have almost finished Coraline.  I am about 95% done. Last night I was 17 rows from the end. This morning at about 9.30 I realised that I had 9 more rows to go plus an i-cord bindoff and sewn button loops with only 50cm of Prima left…ooops.

Currently considering my options and wondering where I left the swatch…I have also found another couple of metres lurking in the knitting bag.

Oh and praying that this cardigan behaves the same way as the cockleshell jumper as otherwise I will be looking for a 10 year old girl who wants a lime green cardigan because this is a seriously small cardigan at the moment.


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