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Lurking, Comments and the Blog Roll


I love or I loved reading. I even used to read whilst walking to school, the speed at which I eat is down to the fact that my parents wouldn’t let me read at the table so I used to bolt my food down so that I could get back to my book.  It makes me very happy that my boy seems to love books too (and is starting to read them).

The problem is that since I have been a Mum I don’t read and it’s not due to lack of time but more that I can no longer carry a story in my head because there’s now far too much to remember.  For most of the last 6 years the only books I have read have been cookery books – I’ve always read them cover to cover  like you would a novel anyway.

But when I lost interest in food I also lost interest in reading recipe books. I thought I’d stopped reading altogether (which is why I agreed to join a book club – but more of that another time) but I was wrong.

I have realised that instead of reading books I’ve started reading blogs. Blogs are books in small chunks. I read a lot of different blogs only most blog owners don’t realise I’m there. It’s not that I’m intentionally lurking, it’s just I find it hard to comment on blogs that are not wordpress, other people’s blog providers don’t seem to like me commenting and a lot of them seem to want you to sign up with them, which frankly is far too much hassle as I have enough problems remembering log ins and passwords…if its something I really want to say then I might email the comment but I don’t do that often because I don’t want the blogger to feel they have to respond – you can ignore comments but is it just me who thinks it’s rude to ignore an email ?

I also, when I find a blog that I like ,go right back through the archive and read the whole blog from beginning to end…by and large these are ones that end up as links to this blog. However I realised I’ve not been very good in actually keeping the blogroll up to date so I had a bit of a revision session.

Let me introduce you to my links.

The first blog I ever read from beginning to end was Lacer’s Life. I can’t remember how I got there but at the time it had an unbearably sweet header (a small boys hand and foot playing with teletubby toys) and something about Mrs Lacer’s style made me linger and it is still one of the first ones I check.

A Lady in Training I discovered via someone elses blog roll when I was looking for knitting links – Vonnie was also the organiser of the first swap I ever participated in(it was about tea, who could turn such a swap down) which in turn introduced me to the lovely Emma of Made by Paddy (who unfortunately doesn’t post much but her twitterstream makes up for that).

The next swap I participated in was the seven days of specialness run by  Domesticali (Ali I came across through a search on Didcot (I have a “thing” about the power station)) and found I just kept coming back. Through Ali’s blog I found Diana at Pebbledash (my swap partner in the 7 days swap), Jo whose current blog is Today We Made (I learnt quite a lot about my sewing machine from Jo’s blog) and Mooncalf Makes…

A search for a yarn shops in Warwickshire instead brought me the Knitted Bear, the tales of a travelling knitting lawyer…!

I am also a bit of a fan girl where the Yarn Harlot, Ysolda and Jared Flood are concerned and I have read all 3 of these from beginning to end.

And finally there is Glittyknittykitty which I have read about 3 times and keep going back to when I feel a bit low.

There are a few more but it’s taken longer than I expected to add all the links.


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

2 thoughts on “Lurking, Comments and the Blog Roll

  1. Awww, thanks for the mention and awww I remember that photo, that was a cute one if I do say so myself.

    I agree, commenting on non-Wordpress blogs can be difficult, nothing more frustrating than writing a comment and then finding you don’t have the right credentials to comment.

  2. Ooooh oooh ooooh it’s me!

    Ta muchly for the mention. I really do need to get my backside into gear with the blog. I think it’s gone to the pub in a huff 🙂


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