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Black Russians


Husband is a champion maker of Black Russians. Normally I am not a big fan of cola, but it’s been a week of hard graft and running around so tonight I have my feet up and a very large representative of my husbands craft (think pint glass).

The dishwasher conked out about 2 weeks ago and despite a heroic attempt at resuscitation by Husband time of death was called on the patient after 5 days. A replacement was found…eventually…which ticked every box (quiet, low water consumption, low energy and most importantly since we have economy 7, a timer) and following in depth discussions as to whether we had the money to replace it v. the fact that we both have full time jobs involving hideous amounts of commuting added to we actually both like being married to each other, both hate washing up and would actually like to remain married to each other… we pressed the button and ordered a new dishwasher.

Naturally this meant one of us had to take a day off to await delivery.  Unfortunately (for both of us) this happened to be me.  Unfortunately also I have been a bit depressed recently (due to cold weather), have just spent 3 days of pain and distress due to a bean stew (will explain another day about book club) and had bought paint and wallpaper about 2 months ago with the intention of redecorating the bedroom…

So…on friday morning I started redecorating the bedroom, which because I took the curtainrail down meant we spent the night on the sofa bed downstairs on friday and resulted in us dragging our poor son round IKEA and Dunelm today looking for curtains and curtain rails.

As of this evening I have new purple curtains and a half decorated bedroom plus the start of a built in wardrobe.

The house is in chaos, it’s going to be worse tomorrow, but we may actually have finally turned the corner and have made a start on making this house actually “work”…after all we knocked it down in the first place to turn it into something that fitted us as a family and it will be 3 years in February since we moved back in and we still have too much stuff and no where to put anything.

I suspect my next post will have to be about our anniversary pilgrimage to Northampton and the Rennie Macintosh house there since that is really what has prompted the redecoration/storage need.


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Cake Baker

2 thoughts on “Black Russians

  1. I have been going to Northampton for far too longer than I care to remember, so how come I didn’t know about 78 Derngate? Hmmmm.

  2. Not been open all that long, only since 2002 I think – but go if you get the chance, not cheap though but cheaper than SS Great Britain or Warwick castle by miles !

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