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Cabin Fever


Apologies in advance for any typos. I have just had a very large G&T. I had to,it’s been a very trying few days.

Like the rest of the country we have snow. Snow that meant our “family” weekend was well and truly scuppered. On Saturday the snow prevented my brother and his family from travelling up the M40 as Warwickshire got a huge snow hit from 9am onwards – had a nice tea with my parents though…  – Sunday was meant to be a trip to Brum to see my brother in law and partner, shopping at the German Christmas market and then watching Si do his stuff as sound engineer to St Agnes Fountain at Birmingham Town Hall.

Unfortunately Spider had the lurgy. He’s kept himself going all week because he wanted to go to the school disco on friday – except that was cancelled…because of the snow, so he came down with a very chesty cough.

We didn’t realise how bad he was because being such a bouncy boy he doesn’t do the lying on the sofa feeling sorry for yourself for long, so we took him to Birmingham but everytime his chest met the cold air he coughed…and coughed and coughed… until in waterstones he coughed so much he threw up 😦

So Spider and I bailed out. We caught a train home (and a lovely man from Cross Country trains told us we could go first class if there were no seats in standard because we were prepared to catch the next train !) and then got ripped off by a taxi charging us £24 to do 8 miles – which I couldn’t argue with because of the snow.

…and we’ve been here ever since, stuck here in the house, on the sofa watching CBBC…and now he’s bouncier than ever and I’m desperate for adult conversation…

The other thing is that I’m now making presents when I said I wasn’t going to this year as most of my shopping was meant to be done on Sunday and it wasn’t…I also failed to buy buttons

Tomorrow there may be photos, of things that didn’t need buttons…as its snowing again…so I’m probably working from home… forgot to mention I’ve been ill the last 3 days, and now I’m better my parents have come down with the lurgy…so I may even be taking a day off.


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2 thoughts on “Cabin Fever

  1. I know what you mean about a huge snow hit … one minute there was nothing and 90 mins later there was 8 inches!

    Also, know what you mean about the coughing bug … daughter had it a week or two ago and literally every time she moved she had a coughing and wheezing fit. Going outside was impossible as she immediately did the coughing and wheezing thing but didn’t stop. Got through the first week on huge doses of inhaler and then went to the doctors to get antibiotics … he only gave them because her asthma was so bad. Hoping that time at home will now get rid of the bugs completely 🙂 Hope Spider is on the mend now.

    How about Amazon vouchers for those presents you haven’t got time to make?

    See you soon


  2. Looking forward to our second christmas – those people without presents have agreed to wait until January when we celebrate it again…

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