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Of ‘elf and safety


We’ve just had an argument with Spider. I’m sure that is not unusual tonight. I’m sure there are parents up and down the land having similar sharp words with their hyped up children…

He was asked 3 times before dinner to tidy up the toys in the living room – after all we don’t want Father Christmas to trip and injure himself do we ? H e didn’t. I got cross. I phoned the big man himself up and told him to take the presents off the sleigh. This did prompt a promise to tidy up after he’d finished eating. Father Christmas agreed not to take the toys off and he would send one of his helpers down the chimney first to check on ‘Elf and safety.

There was a further exchange of words before dinner was finished which momentarily left me wondering whether it would scar my little boy for life if he woke up tomorrow morning and found that his stocking was empty (note to self, if you threaten a consequence make sure it’s one you are prepared to follow up with if necessary)…fortunately an apology was forthcoming.

Anyway after this I think I don’t want to do anymore, I just want to put my feet up, listen to Carols from Kings and ignore the fact I have a knitted lego man to finish off…I shall just have to hide from the neighbours for 2 days until I’ve finished it. Fortunately other people are very forgiving about my inability to shop and we are celebrating Christmas again in the New Year.


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Cake Baker

2 thoughts on “Of ‘elf and safety

  1. Merry Christmas! We had a similar conversation about toys on the floor yesterday, we pointed out that if Father Christmas tripped up and broke his leg the whole of the American continent wouldn’t get Christmas presents. So things were tidied.

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