Being Frank…

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Turning to the Dark Side


I am supposed to be finishing off some small projects, promises I’ve made and not yet kept ( a bag for Ms Z, mittens for E and a hat for Tom the Cabin boy who has joined the merchant navy as an officer and leaves us in January)but I can’t concentrate, there is a siren voice calling me from under the bed…It’s my Brother…My Brother PS31…

To Be Frank…I can’t sew. Oh I know the basics. Did you see Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas where she boasted about having been one of the girls who learnt textiles at school and her patchwork tutor pointed out that quite a lot of us were girls who were taught textiles at school…what she didn’t say was that, this doesn’t necessarily mean we know how to sew.

The basics for me, as I’ve mentioned before include 2 cushions, a ball gown, a roman blind and a pair of curtains – oh and several skirts but none of them really fit – and that’s the point really. If you are going to sew your own clothes then they need to be better than what you buy in the shops in that they actually FIT your shape.

So that is my aim for next year to teach myself to sew… one of the side benefits is that it will give me something I can share with my Mum. We always shared the fact we could knit, but now I feel it’s  a bit of a cruel act, me talking about my knitting, when Mum, who taught me to knit can’t really participate (although she did make Spider a lovely jumper just before christmas – she can do chunky knits without too much pain)…

In the meantime a bit of stitchery (2012 I’ll try proper embroidery and possibly crochet!!) – by and large cross stitch doesn’t excite me because a lot of the patterns are a bit twee so my cross stitch excursions are few and far between – this one was for Spider’s teacher…


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3 thoughts on “Turning to the Dark Side

  1. Best of luck with the sewing, embroidery and crochet. I would love to crochet and keep meaning to try yet again, yet each time I just can’t seem to do it. My plans for next year include getting out my serger (still in it’s box, for a year, terrifying me) and making more clothes, it always annoys me when the clothes I really fall in love with in the stores are the ones that look handmade (clothes from White Stuff in particular) and I think I can do that! I have just bought 3m of a blue and white striped jersey that was on sale at John Lewis, I had been eyeing it up since the summer but the fact that it was jersey and £15/m put me off, as I would have to use my serger but now that it’s 50% off, I saw it as more of an encouragement and I knew I’d kick myself if I let that jersey disappear as it’s so soft.

    (Not particularly good Noro pickings at my local branch in the sale by the way, they had some but it was in the type of Noro I don’t like).

  2. lucky teacher- bet she was glad of a break from chocolate!

  3. J – only trying the sewing this year…think it may be easier than crochet and embroidery. Good luck with the serger – I look forward to seeing that jersey fabric on you on your blog !

    JennyHmet – we also inflicted home made sweets…they didn’t look promising !

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